DC Comics’ next big event begins here. Born out the the Rebirth reboot, which introduced that idea that Dr. Manhattan was responsible for the shitstorm that was The New 52, Doomsday Clock #1 returns us to the world of Watchmen. Despite his plan initially succeeding, Ozymandias has seen the truth exposed by the Rorschach journal and his world fall back into chaos.

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When DC announced its plans for Before Watchmen, a new mini-series set in the world Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons created more than 25 years ago, but without their input, I was, like many, not too keen on the idea. Of all the titles suggested the only one that piqued a little interest was Minutemen.

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Yup, our much beloved Secret Six came to its too-soon conclusion on Wednesday, and of course we had to commiserate. Well, that and talking about the week in comics, Superman and Dark Knight Rises stills, the great racist crisis of the new Ultimate Spider-Man, and scorched earth Twitter warfare. Join Aaron, Alan, and Bobby for a very special (ie long*) version of the Four Color Freak-Out!


*It was actually 3 and a half hours uncut, but we decided 90 minutes of Alan sobbing was a bit much to bear.


Sure, there’s a lot wrong with Zack Snyder’s Watchmen, but have you considered it’s major fault was it didn’t include enough My Little Pony? Someone did…



crimebustersAs a self-professed comic book nerd you can bet I’ve read Watchmen a few times and keep an Absolute Edition within easy reach.

I will also admit I didn’t read the series when it hit shelves in the late eighties. It took a few years for Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ work to find itself into my hands. Perhaps its because I first read the graphic novel as an adult that I can look at it through a different filter than something like Star Wars, Transformers, or Batman, and I can separate my appreciation for the subject without childhood wonder coloring my opinion.

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WatchmenWell, in less than 12 hours Cap’n Carrot, Scene-Stealers Eric, and myself. I’ve been thinking about a Watchmen movie for some 22 years now (because hypothetical ‘who would you cast’ exercises are a comic-book nerd discussion staple), so the idea that I’m this close to actually seeing one is a bit mind-boggling.

I’m saving my review for my on-camera debut with Scene-Stealers, but we’ll see if I’m coherent enough to post some comments later tonight. I will say this – The fact that Kansas City didn’t get a press-only screening of Watchmen is not encouraging. Tent pole films like Dark Knight, etc. routinely get press only screenings, and it’s only with the films that studios are unsure of (or know are utter shite) that everything gets rolled into the standard ‘sneak preview’ screenings.

So there’s that. I’m going into this with very much a “Lucy will yank the football away” mindset because let’s face it: Comic fans know nothing if not disappointment.


Much like teh monkey, I wasn’t thrilled with the announcement of movie adaptation of Watchmen, nor have I been all that keen on what I’ve seen so far from the project (nipples? really?? didn’t we learn our lesson from Batman and Robin???). This short video however is the first time I’ve been remotely interested (instead of angry and fearful) about the project.

As the Minutemen, and what’s covered in these clips, exist in only one small piece of the overall story I’m not about to immediately jump on board, but I have to say this at least slightly mollifies my aggression toward the project.

Watch Watchmen: Minutemen