Daisy Owl creator Ben Driscoll was kind enough to post a 5 minute clip detailing the creation of today’s strip, which gives non-artsy folk like myself a very lovely look at how webcomics & Photoshop work together.

Very, very cool.


Following along with my webcomic fascination, here’s a little gem that defies almost all explanation.

Our protagonist doesn't eat.

It began in a college newspaper, and has transcended to new heights of weird. One part cynical humor, one part philosphical artistry, and all parts trippy, this is another one of those comics whose development over time is visible and a lot of fun to follow.

The newer stuff is fabulous, but I recommend starting back in the archives for the absolute best in weirdness.

Oh, and PS: No, that isn’t the grim reaper. Nobody knows why he dresses like that.