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Teh ‘monkey was playing around with this yesterday and it made its way around the office. Why don’t you try out Akinator and see if you can stump the genie.


While the program correctly guessed Jack Burton for one of alphamonkey’s searches, I was victorious is stumping it twice in a row with Catman and Condorman.

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Hey Jude…

by alphamonkey on January 21, 2010

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hey jude flow chartThis brought a smile to my face.

The Hey Jude Flow Chart is just one little nugget on the ChartingTheBeatles’ photostream any self-respecting Beatles fan should spend a few moments perusing.

And, if you are interested in the idea behind visually representing the music of the band, you should check out Charting the Beatles which visually breaks down the band’s music in quite a few different graphic representations.

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i will rule candyland

Oh, I will rule Candyland with an Iron Fist. Yes, yes I will.

Thanks to the folks at Caveman Circus for this. You can check out some more funny Google auto-complete goodness here.

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fabulous sun swordThe folks at Sci Fi Wire have come up with a list of what they believe are The 18 best bladed weapons from sci-fi movies and TV.

Now, I’ll give them big points for including The Glaive from Krull and, of course, the undeniable awesomeness of Thundarr the Barbarian’s Fabulous Sunsword definitely deserves a spot, but I have to ask – NO LIGHTSABER?!

And where’s the love for Talon’s three-pronged sword from Sword and the Sorcerer?

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“The comments section on YouTube is generally regarded as a black hole of intelligence in the space-time continuum of the Internet.”

Ain’t that the truth.

youtube comment chart

[via Cracked]

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The BeatlesMightyGodKing gives us a glimpse at a world where John, Paul, George, and Ringo accepted Lorne Michael’s half-joking offer of $3000 to play on Saturday Night Live, and I have to say: It’s a beautifully fleshed out look at a world many a Beatlemaniac like myself have long wished for.

December 14, 1980. Having “had a sit back” (Ringo) after Eventually’s staggering success and taken time to concentrate on their own projects and personal lives, the Beatles make their first televised appearance as a group since the SNL reunion, appearing on The Muppet Show. (Lennon leaves New York for the first time in six months to do the gig, eventually spending the entire month of December in England.) The episode is the highest rated episode of The Muppet Show in the show’s history and the most watched television program of the entire year, beating even the news coverage of the 1980 American presidential election. The undisputed highlight of the episode is the “battle of the bands” between the Beatles and the Electric Mayhem (although Starr says his duet with Fozzie the Bear remains his personal favorite moment). Jim Henson would later say that the Beatles episode “rejuvenated” his joy in working on the show, which by that point he had begun to feel was growing stale: the show continues for another seven seasons.

I heartily recommend reading the whole thing: Scenes From An Alternate Universe Where The Beatles Accepted Lorne Michaels’ Generous Offer.

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predator minigunCan’t quite remember what gun Snake Eyes used in G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, the rifle Tom Berenger used in Sniper, the number of guns used in Escape From New York, the gun Clint Eastwood used in High Plains Drifter, or the gun Al Powell used to blow away Karl at the end of Die Hard? Well, the imfd is here to help you out. Some of the entries a pretty detailed. For example, check out this entry for Commando.

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Cats + Photoshop = AverageCats. This comes from our pal Fork and I’m posting it ‘specially for Janelle (who I expect to yell “KITTIES!” within three seconds of viewing this post). Not all of these are winners, but there’s enough funny here to share.


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I must say I was a wee bit saddened and disappointed that teh ‘monkey, being the über-Simpsons fan he is, wasn’t willing to shell out $3,300 for this life-sized Simpsons couch movie display. (He finds it “creepy”) Of course that means you’ve got one less competitor if you want to take it home.

simpsons couch

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Okay, I loved me some Iron Man. But, Cracked does make a few good points in looking at the logical disconnect of Tony Stark creating a non-weaponized armor-suited war machine that can blow up tanks and take out several city blocks. Read more about the problems with Iron Man’s armor.

iron man armor problems

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