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aniston quits office spaceWarren Cantrell, the man behind the madness at 10rant.com is back again this week with another raving Top 10 list.

Who hasn’t daydreamed about quitting a crappy job? Who hasn’t thought over and over again about how sweet it would be to be able to tell your boss what you really think of him/her?

Well, these movie characters have done it, and some in spectacularly satisfying fashion. Warren Cantrell, one of Scene-Stealers’ first and craziest contributors, is at it again with a Top 10 list of the best “I Quit!” Scenes in Movie History.

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Have I mentioned how happy I am to have Batman back in Detective Comics? Although the story itself is only so-so I like how Dennis O’Neil gives us a case that’s been bothering Dick Grayson since he first put on his Robin booties, and one he can now finally close as Batman. Plus I love the flashback art from Dustin Nguyen. I’m even willing to forgive the mistake of Batman’s costume not fitting the period (Batman hadn’t yet added the oval when Robin first hit the streets). Throw in Robin’s first encounter with the Joker and I’m pretty happy. Definitely worth a look.

[DC $3.99]

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hogan no holds barred 1989God bless Trevan McGee. He boldly goes where most of us would either not dare to go or not dare to admit we would go.

That is, he watches countless B-movies and C-movies late, late at night while everyone else is fast asleep.

This week, he pulls out the atomic leg drop on Hulk Hogan‘s “No Holds Barred,” a 1989 movie where Hogan plays a good-natured wrestler who stands for truth, justice, and the American way! Trevan has inserted lots of clips from the film so you can enjoy the best (worst) of it without having to sit through the entire thing like Trevan did.

Enjoy this edition of Insomniac Movie Theater: No Holds Barred.

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You know, I really struggled with what would be the very first ‘official’ post of this newly revamped dadsbigplan, and finally I realized I should approach this with the absolute same degree of ceremony that was afforded the very last post on Transbuddha. Namely, none at all. If you’re here on purpose, then you probably know the drill. We find something cool, write something pithy, and then pass it along to you, our dear anonymous internet pals. Why change a good thing?

So to start us off, here’s a clip of First Aid Kit performing ‘Our Own Pretty Ways’ off their debut album, “The Big Black & The Blue”.

First Aid Kit came to our attention back in 2008 with their far-too-charming cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Mountain Peasant Song”, but thanks to Andrew for giving us the heads-up on their new album. Bonus!

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